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Internet is the most powerful means of communication that man has ever invented. Nowadays, it’s necessary for all firms and professional studies to be present in the world telematic network. But it’s almost impossible to have the guarantee of being seen by a big selected public. Only a specific and important domain can give this guarantee. Indeed, Studio CELSUS is the first in Italy offering everyone the opportunity to link or create his/her own space in the computer network Internet, inside prestige sites like: - - - - - - - - We are sole licensee of these sites both in Italy and worldwide, for one year or more, at client’s choice. They’re Web sites at competitive prices, equipped with photos and wide descriptions of the products or services you offer. Furthermore, our domains will be constantly publicised on national magazines, and linked in their turn to other prestige sites. Studio CELSUS will put at clients’ disposal (on request), free of charge, its electronic address, telephone-fax number and e-mail box. Once your space in Internet has been realized, Studio CELSUS will communicate to you immediately contacts established with firms, distributors, investors, etc. (if you want, you may view the Home Page in our office). Our service includes: drafting of the text and graphic realization of a Web site or a single Home page, our traditional and (on request) electronic address, prompt and constant updating, starting-up of first talks and successive communication of contacts to customer.

For any explanation, or to have only an estimate, you can contact us by E-mail to the address:, to telephone us to the (0039) 0587 734105 - Cell. (0039) 349 7420601. To entrust an assignment, you can use the appropriate section "VIRTUAL OFFICE" where you will find the varied forms, programs, deliver and all the necessary to begin in a professional way the relevant practices. Instead, to ask for a simple advice you can compile and send the appropriate ELECTRONIC FORM.

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